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South Sudan Parliament Summons Kuol Manyang and Nhial Deng Because Of Boarder With Kenya

South Sudan Parliament Summoned Kuol Manyang Minister Of Defense, Nhial Deng Minister Of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Kapoeta State Governor Luis Lobong over Kenya boarder issue. 
This came after some members of parliament claimed that the Kenya government launched 65-kilometer road rehabilitation project last month.
The three government officials were summoned over a project by Kenya to construct a tarmac road pass Nadapal up-to Kor Nakodok.  
The Kenya road project is about 70 kilometers and it goes 12 kilometers deep inside South Sudan territory. 
Apart from the broads Kenyan troops have encroached into South Sudan territory making it hard for the natives to take their cattles for grazing.  
Kapoeta State Member of parliament Hon. Epone Loolimo said that “The local communities of Kapoeta state have been denied access to grazing land and freedom of movement -despite an MoU signed between [our] national government with the government of Kenya in 2009.” 
This is a serious issue let's wait patiently for the outcome. 
More to follow shortly.... 


  1. This what was supposed to be done befor time by the above two ministers,but unfortunately they did act although they were aware of that . Instead they care much about juba twon things more than national issues.

  2. Thanks, I can tell any one that there is no jokes in border issues.