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IGAD Demand South Sudan Government To Avail The Money Given To Them For Peace Implementation

IGAD is not happy with South Sudan Government for withholding money given to them for the peace agreement since most tasks are still pending.  
The demand from IGAD came After South Sudan Government promised to avail 100 Million Dollars for the peace implementation during the pre-transitional period. 
Early this year NPTC provided a budget of 285 million dollars which was also approved by the cabinet in Juba. 
The tasks in the NPTC budget has not even kick off.  Activities like assembling of soldiers, training, screening and unification are all still pending. 
Members of the SPLA-IO in Ngiri Cantonment site last week complaint of hunger and lack of medical facilities too.  
Here is what IGAD council of ministers have to say “[The council] calls on all Parties to the Agreement to continue their engagement in the peace process; and thanks the Special Envoy and the R-JMEC for their efforts.”
The big question is what happened to a sum of 285 million dollars which is in the account of South Sudan Government??? 
More to come shortly.... 

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