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Thirty Five (35) People Confirmed Dead In Kapoeta Flood.

Governor of Kapoeta Stats Hon. Louis Lobong Lojore confirmed to the media that after a heavy rain in Kapoeta on Tuesday 35 people lost their lives. 
The same rain hit various parts of South Sudan like Duk in Jonglei whereby people also died.  
Hon. Lobong said that "We lost about 35 people during the heavy rains that hit several counties in the state on 10 June, so this is what happened here." 
He added that the flood destroyed people homes and even destroy the bridges. 
“We are trying to create awareness among our people to control water-borne diseases,” he said.
The flood affected the market in Kapoeta since it cleared all the food store in Kapoeta State. He added. 
Finally he is calling out to the humanitarian organization to come and rescue his people plus the government too since many people are dire need of help. 
More to come shortly.... 

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