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United Nations Demand South Sudan Government To Implement Peace Agreement Or Face Consequences

United Nations Demands South Sudan Government and Warring parties to implement the peace deal or face consequences from United Nations and other nations.  

United Nations Mission In South Sudan Chairperson Of Torit Head Office urges the government and other warring parties to implement the signed peace agreement

Mr. Bashir Allegele in his own words said that “Today we have more than 3800 military police and civilians that have lost their lives since 1949 in these 72 missions to ensure that other people have peace in their countries. We have to continue the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement so that South Sudan will achieve peace, sustainability, development and progress in the near future”.

He also insists that the United Nations is committed to protect South Sudan civilians at any cost until peace is fully achieved in all parts of South Sudan. 

The officer was speaking during the 72 anniversary of the United Nations Peace Keepers in Torit South Sudan (Imatong State) formerly the headquarter of Eastern Equatoria State.  
He added that in the course of war outbreak after the world war over 30,000 Peace Keepers lost their lives to protect and end war all over the world.  

The United Nations was created after the devastating war of world war 1 and 2. It has the following objectives: 1. Encourage international cooperation, cultural, economic and social development. 2. Maintain peace and security all over the world. 3. Recognize the rights of all people. 4. Developing friendly relations among nations.  

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