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Interior Minister Summoned By Parliament To Explain His Order To Shoot Motorist With Tinted Windows

South Sudan National Parliament summoned Mr. Michael Chiengjiek the Minister Of Interior over his order to shoot motorist with tinted windows.  
His orders were made last week exactly on Friday branding motorist with tinted windows as criminals or those with numberless number plate.  
The Minister of Interior order caused a public outcry from the public. The lawyers and civil activist when as far as quoting the the constitution Act,  2003. The act do not state anything to do with tinted windows. 
The speaker of the parliament during the parliamentary session Hon. Lino Makana said that “I have just signed all the letters, including the one for the Minister of Interior about the tinted glasses.”
So the parliament are waiting and have signed a letter to be addressed to Hon. Kuol Manyang Minister of defense and Hussein Mar Humanitarian Minister said the speaker of the parliament “On Monday, the Minister of Defense will be here, the Minister of Interior will be here, the minister of Humanitarian Affairs will be here and the governors.”
A final decision will be made when all the governors and the two ministers will be attending the next parliamentary session. 
More to follow shortly.... 

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