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Torit State Officially Opens Equatoria International University

Torit State Officially opened Equatoria International University. The University will temporarily be located at Torit Institute until funds can be be found to built the university. 
The University currently have enlisted 50 students from various faculty. Prof. Philemon Bwanga the registrar of academic confirms it.  
The registrar of academic said that classes will start officially on June 24. “Torit is actually blessed to have this university now functioning. Education is now brought on your doorsteps so that you can access education cheaply and even at your own convenience. In our program, from Monday at 10:00, we expect all those whose names were read on radio stations to come for orientation.” 
Professor Bwanga further said thatv“We need to equip you with what you are supposed to go through during the classes and your respective lecturers. After that, on Tuesday we shall have orientation of our staff members.”
Equatoria International University Vice Chancellor Dr. Atilio Ekwa said that “They say if you educate a woman, you educate the whole nation. I want women who completed secondary to go to school.” 
The vice chancellor is also encouraging women to apply and be enrol in the university and also urged the donors and government to avail funds to sponsor women.  
Torit State Governor Alberio Tobiolo said that “Together we are able to give our concern to the ministry of higher education to at least approve, which they did.  Let us give congratulations and thanks to the ministry because they sent a committee up to here. The committee members went and they did their assessment and then they recommended.”
Equatoria International University can be found 5 kilometers South of Torit, a piece of land measuring 1,200 by 500 meters in Himodonge payam was allocated for the new university.
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