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South Sudan Transitional National Legislative Assembly Demands The Government To Explain What Happened To The Budget For Last Two Years

South Sudan TNLA today met to revisit the incident that occurred last week when most of the members rejected the fiscal year 2019/2020 budget.  

The wired thing about the meeting is that, it was neither conducted in parliament nor the main hall.  

A member of the TNLA Hon. Yoane said that she has nothing to day regarding the meeting “I’m not telling you that there is no sitting or there is sitting tomorrow…I’m saying no comment for time being.” 

His reaction came after thebTNLA denied the finance minister chance to read the budget. TNLA was urging that the civil servants have not been paid for six months.

Another member of the TNLA Hon. Dharua Mabor said that “For us the parliament is not going to be ready and we will never be ready again to discuss the budget without a program,” he said.
He further added that “Can you bring the new budget to be discussed when you have not brought the annual expenditure report of 2018/2019 budget? How did they use it? The use of this budget must be brought to the parliament [so that] we discuss it for accountability [purpose].” 
More to follow shortly.... 

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