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Illegal Firearms Possession Banned In Western Lakes State By The Authorities

Authorities of South Sudan’s Western Lakes State have banned the possession of illegal firearms in the state.
Western Lakes States Authorities today banned the civilians from possessing Illegal firearms in the state.  
The banned came after series of unprecedented murder cases in the state deeming the insecure 
Western Lakes State Governor said that “I, Major general, Mahmoud Solomon Deer Agok, governor of Western Lakes State do hereby issue this order for the banning of illegal armed person movement within the headquarters of all the eleven (11) Counties of Western Lakes State.”
The order will not implemented fully minus the support of the armed forces so the governor is calling on all the armed forces in his state to help implement his order.  
Citizens of Western Lakes State are happy with the order since they will be able to carry out their daily activities minus fear of unknown gunmen.  
South Sudanese what do you think of this brave move by Western Lakes State Governor?? 
More to follow shortly 


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