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South Sudan President Demands The New Petroleum Minister Not To Accept Loans or Credit For Crude Oil

President Salva Kiir Mayardiit instructed his newly handpicked Minister of petroleum not to accept South Sudan crude oil sale on loan or credit.  
The president insisted that the country will only accept money received from crude oil sale not money on credit or loan which is unacceptable. 
Currently South Sudan Pumps over 170,000 barrels of crude oil per day and the country has been scrutinized by IMF for taking too much loans without paying them.  
In his own words “…if our oil is a month away from being sold, let us not get anybody’s money, let us tie our belts and wait” 
President Salva Kiir further added that “I want from you Awou to ensure…we wait until our money comes from our oil. And ensure this money goes to the bank.” 
In his own defense the new Minister said that “These lasting values will be seen by the people of South Sudan, and everyone will be proud that we have resources, and that we have developed ourselves,” Awou said, adding that “Transparency will also help us gain more friends in this country, It is the joint decision of this country -to work as one team is what that will help us to go the next level.”
The president and the minister were speaking on South Sudan Broadcasting Communication (SSBC).
More to follow shortly... 

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