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Former Jonglei State Governor Welcomes His Sacking

Former Jonglei State Governor Philip Aguer Panyang termed his sacking a normal routine shuffle by the president and he has no issue with the sacking.  
The former governor said he had serve his people for a very long tone “I am happy with my relieve. It is something normal. I welcome the new governor and I wish him success in his leadership. And I am thankful to the people of Jonglei State for cooperating with me for three and a half years.”
The former governor said there were some forces behind his sacking and they finally managed to succeed in their mischief. 
In his own words “I was appointed in 2015 after community recommendation. But since I was appointed, a group of politicians in Juba was not happy. They have been lobbying for my sacking for the last three years. But I am thankful that the president did not listen to them throughout those years. So now I think my sacking is just a routine process because the president has powers to appoint and relieve.” 
He also did mentioned some of his major achievements as the ex governor of Jonglei state since 2015. “Relations were tense among communities in the region. But now, we have restored trust and unity among the Murle, Gawar Nuer, Lou Nuer and Dinka through dialogues. Now, trading is ongoing in Anyidi area. There is freedom among communities even in rebel-held areas.”
The former governor said that he managed to open roads too as some of his major achievements.
“At home, we opened roads and water channels. And we were constructing state secretariat since the current ones were built during the colonial rule. We also renovated the guest house at 15,000,000 SSP and we were waiting for the president to launch it”.
The big question is, what is the president planning for him now since he is jobless. Let's wait and see. 
More to follow shortly.... 


  1. Congratulation Mr. Pillip Aguer and thank you for your positive raction to your relieved, don't worry about the President's plan you are going to be a national minister soon.

  2. He is a brave man... I wish all our South Sudanese leaders were like him.