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South Sudanese Gangs In Kakuma Refugee Camp Clash Leaving One Dead 7 Others In Critical Condition

South Sudanese gangs in Kakuma Refugee Camp clashed. The clash resulted in one person dead and seven others wounded.

The group resides in Kakuma 4. Kakuma 4 is a new area opened in Kakuma Refugee Camp in the year 2014 when War broke out in South Sudan.

The two groups commonly known as Migos and Kayole had been having conflicts for a long time. Whenever they meet they fight. 

We are yet to know the reason of the fight but currently investigation is underway as Criminal Investigation Department have taken over the matter. 

Most of the gang leaders have been arrested and some fled or are on the run.  The Police is asking for support to help identify those criminals and bring them to the book.

More to follow shortly....

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