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Human Organ Traffickers Targeting South Sudanese In Cairo

Recent reports have been emerging of human organ traffickers targeting South Sudanese in Egypt. This has led to fear and panic among the South Sudanese residing in Egypt confirms the South Sudanese leader in Egypt.  
The fear and panic emerges after gruesome images and reports emerging from Egypt in which mostly of the victims are South Sudanese.  
Just a day ago one of the victims Mother confirms that a 33 year old woman died in Cairo Hospital under mysterious circumstances.
Most of the victims when found dead some of their organs are missing.
To backup all these allegations, a known University student Mr.  Leek Jok was found dead and dumped in the Nile with his kidneys and some other parts missing.  
The Chairman of South Sudan community in Cairo said that “We are still investigating to see if these things are true If it really happens or not.”
He also added that “There is general panic that there is a network that was arrested recently that they were involved in human organs trafficking. This panic is with all South Sudanese people, so if anything happens, people will assume that its human organs trafficking.”
So far there is no official statement from South Sudan Embassy in Egypt. The South Sudanese chairman is also known as Santino Deng. 
More to follow shortly.... 

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