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Over 200 South Sudanese Murdered In The Latest Crackdown In Khartoum

South Sudanese Human Rights activist in Khartoum Sudan confirmed that the military forces in Khartoum are targeting South Sudanese mostly.  
The crackdown on the protesters led to lost of over 250 South Sudanese which have been target in most of the urban centers in Sudan.  
Since the beginning of the crackdown eleven days the number of the murdered South Sudanese has been increasing.  
One resident Achol Malong said that “The situations of South Sudanese here is not good completely,. A big number of them have been killed during the time of launching a violent attack on protesters in Khartoum, and even yesterday there was a very serious shooting in Jebel Aulia refugee’s camp by the rapid support forces."
More to come shortly.... 
“The number of South Sudanese refugees who have been killed can reach to 200 and this were targeted killings in their houses and streets in the areas of Haj Yousif, Om Durman and Khartoum North in Khartoum stateAchol also said that she and a legal support team from the UN Refugees Commission will pay a visit to some of the mortuaries tomorrow to ascertain the exact Attempts to reach the South Sudan embassy in Khartoum was not immediately successfull.

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