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South Sudan Need 12 Million Dollars To Prevent Ebola Virus

South Sudan is in a dire need of 12 million dollars to prevent and prepare for country in case of Ebola Virus outbreak.  The appeal came after Uganda reported Ebola Virus outbreak and over 5 people were confirmed dead.  

South Sudan Minister of Health Dr. Riek Gai said that no cases of Ebola Virus has been reported yet. ‘No Ebola case found in South Sudan.“

Dr. Olushaya Olu the country representative of World Health Organization (WHO) is also appealing to United Nations High Commission For Refugees and other partners to help in funding as soon as possible.  

He said preventing the disease is cheaper than treating it since treating the disease will be very catastrophic and will lead to lost of lives.  
This means that the people of South Sudan should avoid eating of bush meats and also eating of birds.  

More to follow shortly.... 

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