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Thirty Seven (37) Corrupt Traffic Police Officers Have Been Fired.

Corrupt traffic police officers have been dismissed from duty as Interior Minister confirms this report. 
Corruption issue on the roads have been very rampant as motorist are always swindled of their hard earn money by the traffic police officers.  
Hon. Michael Chiengjiek said that in the months of May and June traffic officers caught across the country accepting bribes or demanding bribes from the motorist have been dismissed from duty. 
In his own words the Minister of Interior Hon. Michael said that “This is a message to anyone who wants to commit such crimes. We think this is the correct measure and so we will continue as the police administration to arrest errant policemen so that we bring an end to such behaviors.” 
So how are this officers caught that is the big question.  The interior officer said that the minister have employed intelligence officers who do the surveillance across the country. 
This is a big move by ministry to curb corruption and dismissal is the only option. South Sudanese are demanding the other ministry to use the same tactics used by the Interior ministry. 
More to come shortly.... 


  1. Pay them that they don't loot motorists

  2. Imagine they were not paid for 6 months...