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SPLM-IO Released Fifteen (15) Prisoners Of War

SPLM-IO Deputy Spokesman confirmed that they have released 15 Prisoners of and have been handed over to South Sudan Red Cross.  
The Deputy SPLM-IO said they released the because of the peace agreement 
Manawa own words “The 15 persons have been transported from New Fangak to Juba. It is a good move towards the implementation of the peace process.” 
Speaker Manawa is also urging the government to do the same by releasing the SPLM-IO prisoners detained in Juba.  
Red Cross Communication Officer Aidah Khamis said that “facilitated the release of 15 persons detained in relation to the conflict in South Sudan.”
The Red Cross communication officer also said that ”We safely transported the former detainees to Juba on Thursday and they were handed over to the government.” 
What do you think of the move by SPLM-IO to release the Prisoners of war??? 
More to follow shortly.... 

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