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49 Year Old Woman Raped Multiple Times By Two Men In Rumbek

 Police in Rumbek have arrested two men accused of raping a 49 year old woman.  Just last year over 12 cases have been reported in western lakes state.  

The arrested suspects are Mr. Mayom John and Mr. Malei Meen. The suspects are currently under police custody and are awaiting further investigation.  

The two suspects said that they were under the influence of alcohol and has no idea of what happened afterwards.  
The victim of the rape is currently undergoing medication at Rumbek Hospital after she fully recovered that is when the rapist will be arraign in the court.  
The young men of South Sudan should be careful and be in control when taking alcohol at all time.  
"According to Section 247 of the South Sudan Penal Code, whosoever has sexual intercourse or carnal intercourse with another person against his or her will, commits the offence of rape and upon conviction, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years and may also be liable to a fine."

So the law is very clear, the culprits if found guilty they will go in for 14 years or pay a fine. 

More to follow shortly.... 


  1. This gives an abashing image to the young men of South Sudan, imagine alcohol can have an influence in you to the extent you rape unknowingly, this is too much to say.

  2. The issue of alcohol is not true,
    The perpetrators should face the low, so that they will not repeat it again