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Test On Food Samples Confirms WFP (South Sudan) Food Is Fit For Human Consumption

Just a month ago report of food poisoning of over 30 cases was brought to day light by South Sudan Food Security Council.

The report indicated that over 30 cases of food poisoning was found and it indicated that the food being provided by the World Food Program (WFP) Was the source of the food poisoning. 

The report forced World Food Program to run test samples on the food and the result is that the food is fit for human consumption.

The food poisoning occurred in Southern Unity, Gogrial and Aweil since all the reported cases indicated that victims ate the sorghum ratio provided by the WFP.

Mr. Thompson Phiri who is the communication officer said that the community should try and investigate other sources of the food poisoning since it has nothing to do with the food ration provided by WFP.

More to follow shortly... 

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