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South Sudan Members of Parliament Threaten To Impeach Speaker Of The Parliament

South Sudan Members of Parliament threatened to impeach speaker Makana if he still insist that the Finance Minister to read the budget for the fiscal year 2019/2020.
The threat came after civil servants have not been paid their salaries for the last six months by the government.  
Just last Thursday the members of parliament rejected the new budget to be read and rectified and some even storm out of the parliament causing chaos.  
The chaos forced the speaker the speaker to suspend the debate on budget immediately.  
A member of the parliament Hon. Dhoruai Mabor who hails from Rumbek East County said that “If the speaker calls for tabling the budget before the payment of salaries, we will impeach him,” he stressed.
Hon. Mabor also added that “We have united ourselves regardless of our political parties and regions… I am confident of what I am saying and I am talking from the base because our people are suffering, we know that there is money, we know that there is money, but the minister of finance is trying to dodge.” 
Hon. Paul Yoane Head of Parliamentary Committee also said that “The sitting was adjourned on Monday because the MPs were busy with meetings of caucuses on how to deliver services to our people,” he said.
Just months ago the head of the revenue authority said that they collected over 4 billion SSP in revenue alone. 
The big question people are asking what happened to our money, who stole it? The Members of Parliament fighting for the rights of the civil servants will they not be sacked or called rebels?
More to follow shortly....