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Abyei Ethiopia Military Helicopter Crash: 3 Dead on spot

The Ethiopian military helicopter carrying Ethiopian soldiers crashed in Abyei resulting to death of three peace keepers and scores have sustained injuries. This was one of the report released by UNISFA team working.
The Ethiopian Military helicopter was carrying roughly around 25 soldiers and the helicopter was making it’s way back from the war hotbed in Kadugli zone in Sudan. Kadugli is the capital city of South Kordofan state in Sudan.
Gebre Adhana Woldezgu the Major general and also the acting head of mission said that they are yet to establish the reasons by behind the crash of the military helicopter and that thorough investigations has been launched.
The main reason to why the Ethiopian Military helicopter was coming back from Kadugli is as to the agreement of the UN Mission in Sudan. They are to monitor and verify the redeployment of any armed forces in the hotly contested Abyei Area.
Abyei area is an area being contested by both Sudan and South Sudan and it was accorded by the special administrative status “Abyei Protocol.”
Abyei area is the area of the nine Dinka Ngok Chiefdom. In 2005, a multinational boarder commission established Abyei to be those of Kordofan but a dispute continued between Sudan and South Sudan leading to the revised boarder which has now been endorsed by all the disputing parties.

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  1. Sudanese should not dream that way the issue is big and know human being around this universe will agree to give South Sudanese home to Sudan know it is impossible and to Ethiopian we are sorry let your soldier rest in peace