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Rebel Group In South Sudan Released 3,500 Child Soldiers and Girls

Rebel group in South Sudan commonly known as the South Sudan National Liberation Movement (SSNLM) confirms today that they have released over 3,500 children they had in their custody since the war broke in South Sudan.

The children they had in their custody were trained as soldiers in order to help their movement in fighting the government. 48 or fourty children are girls which they used as their wives and the rest were soldiers to fight for them.

The children have been released in Yambio after the SOUTHSUDAN NATIONAL LIBERATION MOVEMENT was convince that this time the government is serious about peace coming to South Sudan and the government was serious.

The children were handed to UNICEF UNICEF SOUTH SUDAN by the opposition group. But UNICEF is still asking for 19,000 more children which they believe is in the custody of SOUTH SUDAN NATIONAL LIBERATION MOVEMENT to be returned to their respective parents.

UNICEF work in various department and the mandate is working to stop Mal-nutrition in South Sudan, Health, Water and Sanitation, Education, Child Protection, Gender based violence.

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