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South Sudan Rape Allegation Evidence: UN Pressure South Sudan Government To Take Action

South Sudan again is under the spotlight for the wrong reason due to the recent emergence of the latest rape allegations levelled against its soldiers. The previous known SPLMA was believed to have committed various atrocities in the Bentiu area and it was alleged that the government soldiers were using rape as a weapon against the uprising in greater Bentiu.

The human right director (UNMISS) said that “If you are looking at the number of rape cases that we have already registered, it is more than 150, and basically – especially in this specific context where we had seen some decrease in terms of violations and abuses and rape cases somehow because of the signing of the revitalized peace agreement – it is really a pity to see that this [is] happening right now.” 

Mr Nindorera was reiterating that despite the fact that there is already a revitalized peace agreement on the ground. The agreement seems not to be effective in terms of protecting the South Sudanese women who are at risk of rape or even murder.

The first whistleblower of the rape incident that happened in and around areas near to Bentiu was the international team working in the area. The Medicine San Frontiers says that they received women who have been raped and grievously harmed.

Medicine San Frontiers had to release a statement urging both warring parties that involved in the clashes in and around Bentiu to try and control their soldiers especially the rogue ones and anyone who is caught in the act must be brought to the book to face the rule of law.

This Friday the UN Human right chief released a statement from Geneva saying that the UN has not seen any action from the government nor the other warring parties taking actions against the alleged allegations levelled against them.

The sad part of the rape allegation cases is that the rape seems to be well orchestrated by the armed forces aiming at a targeted ethnic tribe. In his own word ““the ruthlessness of the attackers appears to be a consistent feature of the sexual violence documented.”

In the year 2016 South Sudan government managed to set a court to handle cases that included government soldiers who rape aid workers and they also murder number of journalist and brutally assaulted a number of the journalist.

The government is again silent or they might be taking them to respond to the concerns raised by the UN Human right chief. Let’s wait and see the response from the government.

The attacked was conducted in the terrain hotel. The incident was very severe leading to the sack of Kenya UN peacekeepers in Juba. Mr Ondieki was fired for failing to handle the incident and asking his soldiers to stand down and watch.

South Sudan civil war started in the year 2013 when South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit accused Dr Riek Machar of trying to overthrow him and take over the government of South Sudan.

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