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South Sudan Primary Leaving Examination Top Performer

The top candidate in the 2018 primary leaving examinations has attributed her excellent performance to family and teachers.

Meet Lou Buol Mayen who emerged as the top PLE pupil in the recent PLE exams scoring a total of 490 out of 500 marks. The girl who was learning at Marty’s Academy in Jonglei State did the impossible only missing 10 to score a hundred percent.

Lou Buol Mayen is 16 years of age. When contacted by the eye radio she said that “It’s not a surprise because I worked hard in my exams, I read a lot and I knew that I would appear on top when results are released.”

According to her statement she knew her ability. This can be scaled down to the efforts she placed to her studied and being friends to the book. This is a very encouraging results meaning that the girls have to emulate her as a role model and thrive to perform better.

South Sudanese Top performer did not forget to give thanks to her family and also the teachers who worked effortlessly in order to make her achieve the impossible. “I have my brothers at home who used to teach me, they also advised me to read her and they gave me time at home not to work a lot.”

Finally she encouraged the girls to work hard in their studies and not look at the negativity directed at them. Girls are not supposed to be doing the household choir, we should not be married off easily that was her last word of advice.

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