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Meet 26 year old South Sudanese boxer making headlines in Europe

Lofogo Sarour is a martial artist from South Sudan heritage born and raised in the Hague (The Netherlands). Sarour developed the love for martial art at the tender age of six and join the kickboxing championship at the age of 14.
Apart from accumulating lots of trophies he is also one of the most sought after personality. He is known to be a good public speaker this led him to be the speaker of various organizations in Europe that is; The Hague African Festival and Various Domestic and International boxing events not forgetting the non-profit organization.
The 26 year old boxer in his statement said that “at the age of ten, I told journalist during an interview for the school newspaper that I wanted to be like Remy Bonjasky, and that my goal was to reach the finals of the K-1 Grand Prix.”
“At that time the K-1 was the highest stage where you could stand a fighter. The times have changed, nowadays there are multiple organizations who are calling the shots now. It is simply the matter of carefully selecting your fights. I’m very pleased with this matter because it brings more diversity to the fight game.
Sarour currently has no plan to visit the country but he hopes when things settled down back home he might come back and support by opening charity organization to help his fellow brothers and sisters back home.
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