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World Health Organization (WHO) Worries As Ebola Virus Spread

World Health Organization (WHO) and the South Sudan National Ministry of Health today did unveil a joint campaign for the Vaccination of the Ebola Virus which is now Viral in Yei River State, they also did the vaccination on the staff working tirelessly on the ground to combat the Ebola plague that is very pandemic.

One of the officials from World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Costa Alejandro emphasized that the campaign is very vital since the vaccine has not yet been tasted elsewhere and the vaccination is on the basis of experimental.

Dr. Alejandro Costa further said that the vaccine drug had also been experimented in the various parts of the West African countries and also Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and that they hope it will also be successful here in Yei River State South Sudan.

The State Minister of Health in Yei River State said that the State has also created sections of Isolation wards in the various Counties in the state. Mr. Mannasse Levi mad that remarks when he was responded to a call from Radio Esther.

Facts About Ebola: The Ebola Virus has claimed thousands of lives making it the second deadliest disease in the world apart from HIV/AIDs virus. The ebola Virus is not waterborne nor airborne disease so it can’t transmitted through air nor water

The Virus can also be transmitted to others through direct contact or through blood or the secretions of fluids from the infected persons. It can also be transmitted through a close contacted with the person who is infected too.

The people of Yei River State are told to be careful and resport any suspected case of the ebola virus to the relevant authority. In case of a suspect case people should be in contact with the infected since that is the way it is transmitted.

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