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A mother of five children committed suicide in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Yesterday Kakuma Refugee Camp came to a stand-still when a mother of five children committed suicide. The woman resides in Kakuma One, Block 12. The deceased woman has given birth to five children.

Juba Wire at the Headquarters in Juba decided to send one of its staff who reports cases of incidents happening in Kakuma and Kalobeyei said that the woman decided to end her life after the husband deserted her and escaped to South Sudan for over two years now.

Neighbours and family members also added that life became hard for the woman since she had five children to fend for. She had to buy school uniforms for the children and also cloth the children and also food for the children.

The ration given in the camp is not enough to cater for them and this are some of the main reason to why she might have opted to end her life prematurely.

The OCS “OFFICER IN CHARGE OF THE STATION” in Kakuma said that they are still trying to understand why the deceased woman committed suicide and her body has been taken to Lodwar for further checkup.

Kakuma is a town north west of Kenya and located in Turkana County. The Refugee Camp was established in the year 1969. The year 1990-1991 saw the established of the refugee camp in Kakuma to host refugees from South Sudan.

Kakuma Geographically is the second poorest region in Kenya and as a result, people are living behind the poverty line. Kakuma can be known for the wrong reasons in terms of communicable diseases, malnutrition due to inadequate food.

Kakuma is also known for conflict between the refugee community and the host community. The situation at now is calm.

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