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Yei River State: No peace declares the Bishop

The Catholic Diocese of Yei Bishop Erkolano Tombe today has declared that there is no peace in Yei River State. Due to the current ongoing conflict between the three arm forces including South Sudan Peoples Defence force (SSPDF), National Salvation Front (NAS) and South Sudan People Liberation Movement In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO).

The Bishop Erkolano Tomber uttered the statement at the comfort of his home on Sunday. The Bishop further calls on the warring parties in Yei River State to respect the cessation of hostilities which they signed and stop the confrontation which is currently on going in Yei River County.

The Bishop is calling for prayers from all the South Sudanese and all the other religious group in the country to pray for the country. He believes through prayer and fasting can the country truly achieve peace.

Yei River State conflict started from the issue of land grabbing. The land grabbing triggered lots of ethnic conflicts. Yei River State which was initially known as the small London started to fall apart since they never wanted to give their land to a different ethnic community.

Yei River State is a city in South Sudan borders Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) it is one of the business Hub in South Sudan leading to an attraction of traders from all over the countries and also the countries bordering the state.

According to South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) estimates the population of yei to be a total of 185,000 in the year 2011. Yei County is traditionally inhabited by various ethnic communities including the Kakwa, the Bari, Mundu and many more. 

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