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Witchcraft Activities Banned By Yei Mayor

Mr. Morgan Agil the Mayor of Yei Municipality has today issued a decree which was immediately effective. The decree was that no witchcraft activity will be conducted in the municipality since it is a religious town.

He urged that people should instead be focusing on the spiritual nourishment rather than seeking help from the Witch doctors. He believes that the witchcraft are the master of deceits and they normally don’t tell the truth to the people rather than lies.

The penalty for practicing witchcraft will be a total of Twenty thousand South Sudanese Pounds 20,000 SSP and if the person is not from the municipality he/she will be deported immediately to his/her own state in order to continue with his/her witchcraft.

 Witchcraft is believe to possess power that can be harmful to others. Witches sometimes are believed to possess powers that they might not be aware of. People also tend to fear witches because they perform anti-social magic.

Witchcraft is very rampant in this part of South Sudan. Mostly people tend to seek help from the witches if they felt threatened or if they need to get rich instantly.  Even mostly soldiers go them for protection purposes since they believed that they can be given powers that stop bullet from penetrating their bodies.

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