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South Sudanese Transgender Is Asking For A South Sudanese Man To Marry Him.

South Sudanese man who turned into a woman has finally spoken about his need for man to settle with. The South-South Sudanese man who goes by the name Paul Gatnoor, has found men hard to come by in the western world.

Paul Gatnoor who hails from the Nuer tribe in South Sudan has decided to turn into a female since she can’t withstand the pressure of being a man. He was born a man but deep inside him, he was having the genes of a woman.

Transgender is the challenge that the gender in which one is given has birth is not the exact gender that one has. This means that people who are born male can identify themselves as female since they don’t have the genes of being a male, this is what Paul Gatnoor is undergoing.

They are sometimes also in other words identified as the gender queer. This only means they can not be categorized as female or male. Sometimes one might be comfortable addressing himself as a female rather than identifying yourself as a male.

Gatnoor Paul who is a transgender is also I need of someone who will settle with her so that they can have a family that means a young junubi who will not look into the stereotyping being directing to her for being a transgender.

In his statement, he said that “I wanna shout out myself for continuing to show love and compassion when the world didn’t give it back. I’ll be candid and admit that my teenage years were hell and I was afraid to leave my room all 4 years of high school because I was freaking scared of the world. I forgive all those who made me lose faith in true friendship and unconditional love. They made me stronger, and just what I needed. To moving to the big city at 18 with no place to live at the time, but believing that there was much more out there than trying to be who everyone wanted me to be.”

The message is now clear to all the South Sudanese all over the world, our brother who turned into a woman is in need of love and support from everyone. If you are ready you can contact him on face book using his official facebook names: Gatnoor Paul.
Being a transgender is just something normal. It is like being in a different place or a body that is not yours. Some young people who are transgender in the world they feel great since they have the chance of expression themselves out and to help others who are in the same problem that they are into.
According to South Sudan context being a transgender is like a course and most people fear to come out since they know that they will be refused by their own relatives and even their close friends can disown them.

Finally being transgender has to do with your gender identity, who do you identify yourself with? What genes are more is it male or female genes. The genes have also to be taken into consideration since they can help someone identify whether they are male or female. 

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