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SPLM and IO To Be Held Responsible For The Suffering Of South Sudanese says USAP

United Sudan African Parties or USAP Cairman is accusing SPLM and SPLM-IO to be responsible on the crisis facing the country South Sudan.

 This is what he said. 
“The crisis is within the SPLM on power struggle, but not all the political parties. All the parties say the warring parties should agree according to the signed 2015 peace agreement.
We were so happy after 2015 peace deal because we were going for election in 2018 to solve the issue of position. But they went back to war in July 2016. And these are SPLM. So it is SPLM to be held accountable for this crisis not other political parties."
He also acknowledge the effort that the other political parties had to put in place in bringing the peace to the country.
Mr. Joseph Ukel Ubang further urges the  SPLM and IO parties to resolve their differences and give chance to peace to prevail in the country.There is no any alternative besides peace in the country; USAP leader reminds the warring parties, political leaders and the people of South Sudan.
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