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South Sudan President Admits The Country Is Broke

Salva Kiir Mayardit the South Sudan President has admitted to the media that the country is broke and has run out of cash and there is nothing that can be done to fix it. But he also suggested that the war must stop in order for the country to start recovering.

The south Sudan President gave a small reason to why South Sudan is broke stating that it is because of the war that was sparked by the power struggle and eventually the war dragged on for four years with no resolution despite or the international efforts to salvage the situation.

This is what the South Sudan President said “I want you to work together with other colleagues and institutions to do whatever you can to minimize the current situation. I know we have lost the value of our currency, and there is nothing we can do soon to regain our currency’s value unless we produce, but we should not fold our hands and allow the situation to go out of hand like that. We must try whatever we can,” said President Kiir at a function broadcast by the state-owned South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday.

“The forceful taking of power has brought us now to this stage where we have no money in our bank,” he confessed, confirming what said several government officials at the bank and the ministry of finance. He also admitted that the new nation has become a ’laughing stock’ worldwide because of the ongoing conflict.

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